Welcome to the Survicraft Server Store

Here, you can purchase off packages for you or your friends. Remember that all items are non-refundable, and you must be online to get your items.

Payment Methods

Currently, we use the Paypal Method, but of course, you can pay with prepaid, debit or credit cards. All you have to do is when you choose the PayPal as the method you need to select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card." option in the PayPal purchase.

Missing items?

The store should process your purchase within 15 minutes. If you haven't received the items at that time, please contact us at our discordIf you can't join in our discord, you can email us at, [email protected].


If you chargeback against our store/server, you will be blacklisted and permanently banned from our discord, store and server!

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99x Emerald key x5,1x Gold key x5

1x Rare key x5 , 1x Legendary key x5

1x Hyperdeluxe

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